Articles by Charnita Fance.

Charnita is the Technical Content Manager at Cubeless. Her prior experience includes Customer Support Project Management at ModSquad, with a focus on technical writing, and creating tutorials and macros. She's also an experienced freelance tech blogger whose expertise spans numerous topics such as online tools, mobile apps, software, operating systems, and smart devices. Her work has been published on Android Police, MakeUseOf, Hongkiat, and MakeTechEasier to name a few.


A Pain-Free Guide to SOC 2 Audits and Reports

Get a deep dive on SOC 2 audits, read key tips on preparing for them and learn the best ways to keep your remote workforce compliant.


MFA best practices: enhancing online security.

Get the perfect primer on all things MFA (multi-factor authentication). Includes 10 best practices to remember when enabling MFA remotely.