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We didn't just perfect secure remote work — we created it.

Here's why.

Remote-native since Day One.

Our team's specialized in secure remote working for longer than we'd care to admit. No one knows as much as we do about what works, what doesn't… and how to protect your data without making your workers jump through hoops. Unlike the competition, we're remote-native.

Allow us to explain…

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Years and years (and years) ahead of the competition.

Before the pandemic, our rivals sang a different tune. They said remote work didn't work — that it wasn't secure. They insisted customer data could only be protected by locking people up (and locking their machines down) in cubicles.

Now, the same companies who tried to talk you out of remote are singing its praises.

At ModSquad, our parent company, remote was never a reaction. It's our vision for a different, modern way of working.

We envisioned a world without cubicles from Day One. That's why we've perfected, delivered and championed our approach for 15 years and counting.

Who the heck is ModSquad?
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Introducing Cubeless.

When it came to naming the platform that secures remote workforces, the choice was obvious. Cubicles symbolize everything that's wrong with office-based work. Cubeless frees you to work wherever you choose, and secures everything you need along the way — device and connection — to the cloud and back.

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Introducing Cubeless
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3 reasons we built Cubeless.

We've helped some of the world's most exciting companies liberate their remote workforce. Here are three of the biggest goals we had in mind when designing the app:

To help your company focus on its A-game

You might have tried other tools to secure your remote work. If you have, you'll know they come with a productivity tax. No-one has time (or patience) to waste on overzealous procedures that kill user experience. Cubeless gives everyone simple, rapid security and an obstacle-free working environment.

To give your company peace of mind

Compliance and security concerns can feel like an elephant on your back. Keeping data on the right side of internal best practices and external compliance laws isn't easy with remote devices. Neither is shielding that data from external threats. These realities inspired us to create something that keeps users compliant and secure whatever the circumstances.

To sharpen your company's competitive edge

The sad truth is that today's tools aren't made for everyday companies. They come with expectations — like unlimited budgets, vast IT resources and the luxury of being able to wait for weeks (or months) to get fully set up. We built Cubeless to help all remote workforces. It led to an app that's low on cost, light on IT demands and rapid to install.

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