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Our app's simple to use, but that doesn't make it basic. Unlike other tools on the market, Cubeless secures important data without being intrusive or sacrificing user experience. Choose a remote worker program that gives you a competitive edge, here.

The secure remote worker app that lets productivity flow.

Not all remote work experiences are equal. If you want to get ahead, you need to secure your workforce and streamline their productivity. Cubeless is a browser-like workspace, accessible only by the end-user. It's built on a fully isolated cloud environment — so every page you visit, and every item you see within it, happens through a secure remote server.

Secure your workforce with all-in-one, baked-in security features

With Cubeless, the workspace is isolated from the hardware. You don't have to install any additional features — everything you need is built directly into a single, SOC II compliant application:

  • VPN and VDI: Shields online activity from prying eyes and liberates users to work from anywhere.
  • Anti-virus engine: Self-updating anti-virus software provides real-time threat detection.
  • Keylogger blocker: Discreetly monitors and intercepts any external attempts to capture your keystrokes.
  • Screenshot blocker: Stops you from copying screenshots and pasting them anywhere outside the Cubeless environment.
  • Secure storage and download facility: Any downloads in the Cubeless environment save to a dedicated secure storage facility, which includes a built-in text editor for doc files.
  • MFA: Log into the app with a simple, secure OTP.
  • Copy-Paste blocker: Prevents you from copying content and pasting it anywhere outside the Cubeless environment.
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Cubeless replicates a Chrome-like browser, so anyone can use it.

There's no learning curve involved. Instead, you get one-click-and-done access — and a minimal, distraction-free interface.

Stress-free installation

You don't need an army of IT experts to install Cubeless. Just head to the Cubeless homepage and hit ‘Free Beta’ in the top right corner.

Get going in minutes with simple authentication

  • Download the Cubeless app
  • ‘Snap’ in your OTP
  • That's a wrap

Our simple set up process has you up and running in minutes. Simply enter your login details, verify it's you with a one-time code, and you're good to go.

Customize your compliance needs

Ensure your team's remote work stays compliant at all times. Cubeless lets you add industry-specific policies, processes and background checks to suit your specific needs.

Integrate with all of your favorite apps

We've made Cubeless completely modular, so you can easily add the apps and tools you need within the workspace. Once you've logged in, you can either access pre-selected options from the interface, or request additional ones via URL search. They work in exactly the same way they would normally — the only difference being they operate in a secure environment.

Manage users without a fuss

Cubeless exists to help workers what they do best. But managing users from an admin perspective is a breeze, too.

  • Provision the apps your team needs with a simple search
  • Invite new users via email
  • Control user access/privileges
  • Manage billing plans and explore your billing history

There's a better way to secure your remote work (*hint*)...

Try the Cubeless beta today for free and see what all the fuss is about. We promise a ridiculously easy setup, saved time and money, and happier, more productive colleagues. Get complete, built-in remote security — with absolutely no commitment required.

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