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Our app’s simple to use, but that doesn’t make it basic. Unlike other tools on the market, Cubeless secures important data without being intrusive or sacrificing user experience. Choose a remote worker program that gives you a competitive edge, here.

The secure remote worker app that unblocks productivity.

Not all remote work experiences are equal. If you want to get ahead, you need to secure your workforce and streamline their productivity.

That’s exactly what Cubeless does. Our remote-native workspace gives you all the stringent security procedures you need. But unlike other tools, it’s simple and streamlined — making remote worker programs less stressful and more productive.

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Remote working is a huge data burden.

Your company depends on data. Yet safeguarding it in the era of remote working isn’t easy — malicious actors prey on vulnerabilities. And it’s not just external threats. Human error and evolving regulations make staying on top of compliance a full-time job.

Get used to securing remote workers without lifting a finger:

  • Baked-in compliance for GDPR, CCPA, SOC2, and more
  • Secure remote worker application includes automatic security updates
  • Designed for compliance-centric industries
  • Customized compliance: Add industry-specific policies, processes and background checks to suit your needs
  • Secure environment can only be accessed by the end-user
  • Blocks copy/paste, screenshots, screen shares and downloads-to-device

Security for the remote work experience sucks.

Remote work has become the norm. Safe, easy and effective remote work hasn’t. From the moment they’re hired to the moment they leave, securing your workers’ day-to-day and streamlining that process feels like mission impossible. Endless log-in prompts, intrusive security requirements and location-based timeouts slow your business down and frustrates your end-users.

Help your colleagues do what they do best:

  • Works absolutely anywhere (from offices to coffee shops and beyond). Immune to VPN blocking
  • Isolates the workspace from the hardware for secure working
  • Simplifies authentication — only one place to authenticate
  • Completely modular — add the apps and tools you need within the Cubeless workspace

Your current tools weren’t born remote… and it shows.

Time is your most valuable resource. Most remote working security solutions don’t care about that. They take IT specialists hours to set up and troubleshoot, they’re clunky to use, and they cost a fortune to run.

Choose remote-native security designed for today’s era:

  • Delivers a plug-and-play solution
  • Painless setup needs no expertise whatsoever
  • Secure remote worker app takes a browser-based framework
  • One-click-and-done security — no additional measures needed

There's a better way to secure your remote work (*hint*)...

Try Cubeless beta today for free and see what all the fuss is about. We promise a ridiculously easy setup, saved time and money, and happier, more productive colleagues.

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