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The Security Platform
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Cubeless Security Shield

Modular. Custom. Compliant.

Get the exact level of security your project requires.

Services such as customer support, moderation, social media and community management all demand protection of your customers’ data, as well as the communities that your business has worked so hard to curate. Cubeless from ModSquad is a flexible and modular approach, customized to your data security and privacy needs and created so that you always have the right level of protection your business requires.

Cubeless is security without borders. It’s insurance for business continuity. It’s customer experience freedom, so you can focus on the bottom line while we focus on compliance and secure customer experience interactions.

Cubeless is the result of our experience securing a remote workforce over the last decade. We just put a name to it, trademarked it, and have a patent pending.

Here’s how it works.

The Cubeless Platform


The Cubeless platform is ModSquad’s proprietary mix of standards, compliant software, and systems. This platform is reinforced with comprehensive policies, training, and education for all our CX experts — The Mods.

Industry Leading

Baseline Security

For every project, we secure every node in the CX pipeline from the Mod to the cloud and back.


Every Mod is background checked. Onboarding includes security awareness orientation and technical overview.

Device / Endpoint

Every endpoint has anti-virus software, firewalls, and required software patches prescribed and verified by our security team every time the Mod logs into the system.

Connection & Cloud Access

Access control is multi-layered including Single Sign On (SSO), Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), Geo-location verification, Intrusion Protection System (IPS), and secure traffic via an encrypted SD-WAN which includes a built-in Intrusion Prevention System.

Enhanced Endpoint Protection

Virtual Desktop

All work happens via a virtual desktop in the cloud. The infrastructure is highly redundant, with upwards of 99.99% uptime. Additional protection and segmentation includes anti screen capture, anti key logging, 26+ cloud AV scans, as well as disabling removable media, screen captures, and cut/paste functionality to secure and restrict data movement from the virtual workspace to an endpoint device.

Enhanced Agent Security

Biometric Authentication

Ensure the Mod behind the device is who they say they are. Non-invasive biometric monitoring detects changes in agent behavior, prevents further action, and requests additional authentication if it thinks the Mod has changed.



Security Standards

SOC2 Type 2




We also offer enhanced physical security paired with Cubeless. Ask us about our operations centers.

Cubeless seamlessly integrates with any software and system that your business already uses, ensuring that our team becomes a secure extension of your team. Keep your CX workflows fast and frictionless. Behind the scenes, we’re continually innovating to keep Cubeless on the leading edge so your security remains current in a constantly evolving world of threats. We’ve taken the guesswork out of keeping your data secure.

Why Cubeless from ModSquad? Well, we went on a bit of a rant about that. Read The Manifesto.

Let’s talk about how ModSquad can secure all things CX.

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