Securing remote workforces isn’t enough. They need a frictionless experience, too.

Achieve both with our remote-native workspace. Cubeless is a simple app that unlocks thousands of possibilities for how and where your company operates. Securing remote workforces doesn’t have to mean locking them down. We protect your data without any of the hassle.

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WFH. Without the WTF.

Remote working has exploded — and so has the need to secure your remote workforce.

When your employees use their personal devices to access company data and apps, that task can feel overwhelming. External threats and regulations get worse, not better.

Most remote security tools out there suck. They might be high on security, but they’re low on experience — choking productivity for the end user. They’re clunky, costly and intrusive. They’re inflexible and need IT support. Honestly? They’re not remote-native. And they weren’t designed with you in mind.

We spent 15+ years perfecting the secure remote workforce. It resulted in one, simple app: Cubeless.

Protect important data.
Empower your team.

Remote workforce security. Friction-free environment.

Fort Knox-style security isn’t any good if it prevents workers from doing their jobs. You need something that slashes friction and streamlines their days, too.

Cubeless swaps intrusiveness for productivity. No log-in acrobatics. No OTT authentication. Just an easy way for you and your people to enjoy their jobs without risking security or compliance breaches.

Our app separates the workspace from the hardware, so remote workers can access what they need without risking personal-professional contamination. The workspace prevents downloads, data-shares and screenshots. Logging out is as simple as switching browsers. We’re the remote-native, secure workspace optimized for your business. Your workers get an obstacle-free environment. You get effortless compliance and security:

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Intuitive, rapid setup

One fast, simple download. Requires no tech experience or admin support. Zero log-in SNAFUs.

Built-in security and compliance

A powerful antivirus engine blocks threats from entering your remote workspace.

Future-ready functionality

Secure working that evolves automatically. Cubeless requires no manual updates; and you can integrate thousands of apps and data stores via simple API connection.

Companies everywhere are choosing Cubeless.

Choose remote work security your workers will thank you for.

Try Cubeless beta today free of charge, without limitations. You’ll see just how easy it is to run, save your company time and money, and make your workforce happier.

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Securing the remote workforce is just one part of a bigger picture.

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