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Everyone is Remote

Only ModSquad is Cubeless™

Why is ModSquad — a CX services company — revealing a security platform? Well, listen up!

Our competitors used to knock the remote workforce

Before the pandemic, they sang a different tune.

They said remote didn’t work — that it wasn’t secure.

They told you the only way to have secure CX services was to stick agents in cubicles in soulless call centers on the outskirts of town.

Now, the same companies who tried to talk you out of remote are singing its praises.

We’ve always been certain about remote

For us, remote wasn’t a reaction. It isn’t our survival plan for “uncertain times”. It’s not the temporary menu.

It’s not a recent revelation that there’s a better way.

We envisioned a world without cubicles from day one. That’s why we’ve been perfecting, delivering, and championing our distributed CX services approach since we started back in 2007.

So when it came time to name the platform that secures our remote workforce, the choice was obvious.

We call it Cubeless

Cubeless is how we secure our remote team and protect your customers. It secures everything from our remote Mods to your customers and everything in between: the devices, the connections, all of it, to the cloud and back.

Cubeless is more than tech

Sending everyone home and buying some tech doesn’t make you a remote work expert — it doesn’t make you Cubeless.

Cubeless isn’t just a piece of software or a suite of applications. Cubeless is also the policies, workflows, best practices, and hard-won knowledge that has been honed in the remote forge for the past 14 years.

Cubeless is tried and true, tested and vetted.

And Cubeless is patent pending.

You can’t buy that. You can’t license it. You can’t hack it together in a year.

But you can get it from ModSquad.

Trust us

CX without cubicles was our founding insight. It’s our life’s work. It’s the way we’ve been delivering the best outsourced support, moderation, and engagement for our clients for well over a decade.

We’re not jumping on the bandwagon. We like to do our own thing. We prefer to steer rather than go along for a ride. We prefer scooters.

So, hop on.

Go Cubeless with ModSquad.

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